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Project EE – CleanNOx SNCR System


  • SNCR System
  • 10,000 litre Urea/Adblue bunded storage tank
  • 4 x Ceramic coated Stainless Steel injection lances
  • 4 x 4-20mA peristaltic dosing pumps
  • 4kW high pressure lance cooling air fan
  • 880L Stainless Steel bunded mixing tank
  • Comms over ethernet control panel with HMI


In the constant pursuit of a cleaner, greener environment for all of the EU and UK, legislation gets ever stricter.  Legislation changes introduced in December 2023 require reduced quantities of NOx to be emitted.  FD were able to respond quickly to the customers enquiry and following a successful trial with our skid (article here Trial SNCR Skid - Filter Designs) we were subsequently awarded a contract to provide a CleanNOx SNCR (Selective Non Catalytic Reduction) system to ensure the site remained compliant when the new legislation came into force on 3rd December 2023.

The system starts with a 10,000 litre fully bunded AdBlue/Urea solution storage tank with an upgraded submersible pump. The storage tank is designed to be filled by a tanker. The customer had recently installed a de-mineralised water treatment plant on site, so these two facilities were used to fill a bespoke stainless steel mixing tank which was positioned closer to the injection points in the combustion chamber. The mixing tank sits on load cells and allows for full flexibility of solution concentration. The mixing tank sits over a powder coated mild steel bund tank.  A bespoke panel housing four peristaltic dosing pumps, each connected to an injection lance allows variation of dosing rate via a 4-20mA input, this means that when provided with a NOx level from the site CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System) the system can ramp up or down as required to ensure legislative compliance.

The client installed 4 injection ports, we provided a quick release system.  Lance cooling is via a high-pressure fan to reduce compressed air consumption to a minimum.

A stainless-steel cabinet houses the control system which is positioned close to the mixing skid but linked to the sites control room.  The panel has a HMI in the field but screen replication further aids the client experience.

A powder coated mild steel cabinet houses the four peristaltic pumps and a regulated and monitored compressed air supply.


We first approached Filter Designs Limited (FDL), approximately nine months ahead of the new site Permit coming into effect. Having read the initial scope FDL volunteered to attend site and gain a better understanding of site layout, spatial constraints, and planned time scales for installation works. FDL quickly understood the various challenges within the aged existing installation and the timescales to incorporate newer technologies. A draft quote was prepared in a very timely manner, allowing me as a client to arrange suitable funding and draw up payment milestones with estimated timescales. All apparatus has been supplied to a high standard with regular dialogue between us and FDL keeping the project on track. FDL have been very communicative and supportive post-installation, they still aid site with trouble-shooting support and knowledge sharing with the teams, long after the testing and commissioning phase finished.

Station Manager, Suffolk

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