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across 3 core areas

Hot gas filtration
Dust extraction
Consult & design


The size and type of projects that Filter Designs support is wide and varied, but we can categorise projects across three types:

Hot gas filtration
Dust extraction
Custom projects (consult & design)

Hot Gas Filtration

Filter Design's systems usually involve the supply and installation of a flue gas treatment plant which is based around a bag filter system to remove particulate from the air streams.

As well as this function the system is often designed to treat the flue gas to ensure emissions are meeting environmental emission standards.


Dust Extraction

Dust extraction is a solution to nuisance dust generated by various industries, typically conveyors and processing equipment on wood and minerals manufacturing sites.

However, where dust is created and where people can inhale it, there is a need to remove the dust from that environment.

This is where a dust control system helps.


Consult & Design

Projects are unique, and clients often turn to Filter Designs for creative and innovative solutions to project challenges.

With many years experience in the engineering sector, Filter Designs deliver working, realistic solutions, which go on to protect our shared environment, helping clients to achieve their business goals.


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