Project CAD - a pilot plant within a University

Project DH - CleanPulse Filter, DeSOX, DeNOx on a 3mW Wood Waste Boiler

Project HAD - Lean Phase Conveying System for Lime APCR in Wales

Project MM - The Gruesome Tale of the Frankenfilter. Large CleanPulse Filter on Aluminium Furnace.

Project FT - Dust Extraction to Wet Cyclone on Brick Manufacturing Plant. World First Brick Cleaning System

Project HR - Dual Flue Gas Treatment Plants with HMI Control System, DeNOX, DeSOx, CEMS

Project HQUK - A Duplicate Environmental Air Filtration Filter adding to one in service for 20 years!

Project OM - Cartridge Filter System for Magnesium Oxide Processing Plant including Dust Extraction Ducting

Project CPCL - Silo Safety System for Clay Pigeon Manufacturers

Project KAT - Small Customised CleanPulse Cartridge Filter for Silo Loading Head

Project RC - Ducting System Design and Installation with Drop Out Box to allow reuse of Existing Filter

Project HE - Complete Flue Gas Treatment Plant including Control System for Clinical Waste Incinerators

Project JP - Complete FGT System for Intumescent Paint Furnaces.

Project THPL - Urea Prill Skid for DeNOx. Sodium Bicarbonate Dosing for DeSOx. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Combustion Air System.

Project FS - Hot Gas Filter serving a Glass Furnace with Air Dilution and Drop Out Box for Czech Republic

Project EE - Water Quench Tower, CleanPulse Filter, Reagent Dosing and for Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Poland

Project IB USA - CleanPulse Bag Filter under Positive Pressure with Acid Gas Neutralisation

Project BCI - Bag Filter, Gas Suspension Absorber, Reagent Dosing for a Challenging Carbon Process

Project SSE - Activated Carbon Dosing Plant using Silo for Tanker Deliveries

Project WA - Hot Gas Filter for Aluminium Furnace, Sodium Bicarbonate Injection via Bulk Bag and Spark Detection System

Project UK5 - CleanPulse Bag Filter with Sodium Bicarbonate Sorbent Injection System for Flue Gas Treatment

Project NE - Phase 1 - A Complete Waste to Energy FGT Plant from Economiser Outlet to Stack

Project AR - High Temperature CleanPulse Filter with Offline Cleaning, Online Maintenance and a Spark Detection System

Project LE - Complex Ducting System Design and Installation in Scotland

Project SF - Retractable Extraction Canopy for Steel Lancing

Project FFH - Dual CleanPulse Bag Filter with Trend BMS Controls for the NHS

Project AS - Two CleanPulse Ceramic Filters for Export to Singapore

Project PB - Large CleanPulse Bag Filter with Sodium Bicarbonate Silo, Wet Ash De-duster, CEMS and Chimney

Project BF - CleanPulse bag filters, twin fans, sodium bicarbonate dosing and waste ash silos

Project AQF - CleanPulse Bag Filter for Tallow Engines

Project FFF - CleanPulse Bag Filter for Spices Company with ATEX Explosion Precautions

Project CR - HCl Filter & Negative Air Filter System for Soil Remediation in Czech Replublic

Project TH - Municipal Waste Incineration Bag Filter with Sodium Bicarbonate and Activated Carbon Injection

Project OP - Multi-cyclones, plastics separation, plastics presses, lean to buildings and more...

Project MSF - High temperature bag filter with reagent dosing for fire simulation facility

Project MF - Small silo venting filter for Finland

Project REM - Chicken litter CleanPulse bag filter with offline cleaning

Project LT - Small cartridge filter for a minerals plant

Project JM - High temperature cartridge filter on a precious metals process

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