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Some of our clients running waste to energy plants are becoming subject to a regulation 61 review.  This requires them to review their processes against best available techniques (BAT) and implement changes by December 3rd 2023.

Filter Designs have received several enquiries for urea dosing SNCR systems to meet lower NOx emission standards because of this regulation. SNCR is typically quicker to implement, less complex and less expensive than SCR systems.

Fortunately, Filter Designs can help.

Due to the increase in enquiries, we have fabricated a small test skid which is capable of dosing 4 to 400 litres per hour of urea solution.  This test skid is becoming available again at the start of October and shall be used for another client to determine the best SNCR dosing location, temperature, lance cooling rate, lance style, nozzle requirements, quantity of lances and optimal urea concentration.

We are providing a variety of systems, from smaller urea IBC based systems to larger 10,000l urea bunded tanks, 10,000l water tanks, water softening, mixing tanks and multiple pump and lance systems.

Our lead times will now pass the deadline, but we can help bridge that gap with a temporary system which will allow your plant to continue running.

Interested?  Want more details?

This skid has been made around a fabricated sack barrow type arrangement, so whilst heavy, it can be manoeuvred around site and has already taken flight 30m up a lift shaft on a chain block hoist.

It needs a healthy 6 bar air supply for atomising and barrier air ideally on an XF Euro male fitting.  The pump is a peristaltic pump with screen and key based HMI.  It is powered from a 110vAc power supply as they are common on UK sites.

Call us on +44 (0) 1858 419 104 or email [email protected] with your circumstances and we will reply, usually the same day.

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