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Reverse Jet Filters

A reverse pulse jet bag filter performs its function by reversing the process gas flow into the bag. This is performed by blasting a row of bags with compressed air, effectively reversing the flow of the air and removing dust from the filter bags.

Here at Filter Designs we are delighted to supply a CleanPulse range of reverse jet bag filters which are designed to cater for specialist types of dust that can’t be handled by normal filter systems.

Our reverse jet bag filters are regularly utilised in a variety of different industries. Just a few of the industries in which our reverse jet filters are used include:

  • Dioxin contaminated soil projects
  • Oil reclamation
  • Clinical waste incineration.
  • Woodwaste to energy plants
  • Sewage sludge incineration
  • Aluminium recovery plants
  • Heavy metals recycling
  • Asphalt plants.
  • Rotary dryers

One of the benefits of reverse jet bag filters is that they can be incorporated with other types of filters including ceramic filters, cartridge filters or standard fabric filter bags. Reverse jet bag filters are often incorporated into total filter systems for purposes including:

  • Silos
  • Activated carbon injection (PAC)
  • Urea injection for reduction of NOX (nitrogen oxides)
  • Sodium bicarbonate or calcium hydroxide injection for acid removal (HCL SO² HF)
  • Complete flue gas treatment systems (including flue gas desulphurisation FGD).

If you would like to learn more about specific applications of reverse pulse jet bag filters, please visit our projects page. If you have any enquiries about our reverse jet bag filters please get in touch via our enquiry form or give us a call on 01858 419104.

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Our recent Projects

We were contracted to provide 2 small Ceramic filters suitable for a small volume but with a design maximum temperature of 600°C. In addition the filters will be handling a syngas which cannot be mixed with oxygen so an alternative to compressed air would need to be used for the ‘Cleanpulse’ cleaning of the 25 Ceramic element in each of these CPC78 filters. In addition dosing of small amounts of a re-agent is required so the client also opted for a ‘Cleandose’ 25kg bag skid. Find out more about Project CAD below.

Project TCL - Quarry kiln system

Project BCI - Bag Filter, Gas Suspension Absorber, Reagent Dosing for a Challenging Carbon Process

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