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Gas Suspension Absorbers

Filter Designs have designed and developed cleanREACT; our own range of Gas Suspension Absorbers (GSA).

The GSA process is a dry desulphurisation technology, with lime as a sorbent.

The process removes sulphur dioxide (SO2) by contact between the dry lime powder and the acid constituents in the flue gas.

The GSA process is known for its high efficiency, in that the reactor has been based on gas suspension technology. This means that a large concentration of fly ash, dust particles, and lime interacts inside the reactor.

Advantages of the GSA process:

  • High-efficiency and stable operation
  • Low investment cost
  • Low operation cost (sorbent can be re-used)
  • Less pressure loss and reduced load of ID fan
  • Less space requirement, resulting in low-cost civil work
  • No anti-corrosive treatment is required for the stack
  • Simple to operate and easy to maintain

To find out more about our work with Gas Suspension Absorbers, see our case study -

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