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A plastics recycling company goes green (and blue)!

A plastics recycling company in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire recently installed a Filter Design CleanPulse filter on a sunny day in December 2019.

This allows an environmentally sound UPVC windows recycling process to keep clean, whilst reusing valuable plastics materials.

Filter Designs on-site for the installation

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We were contracted to provide 2 small Ceramic filters suitable for a small volume but with a design maximum temperature of 600°C. In addition the filters will be handling a syngas which cannot be mixed with oxygen so an alternative to compressed air would need to be used for the ‘Cleanpulse’ cleaning of the 25 Ceramic element in each of these CPC78 filters. In addition dosing of small amounts of a re-agent is required so the client also opted for a ‘Cleandose’ 25kg bag skid. Find out more about Project CAD below.

Project EE - CleanNOx SNCR System

Project JP2 - Complete Flue Gas Treatment System for Intumescent Paint Furnaces (Phase 2)

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