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At Filter Designs, we specialise in building, installing and maintaining different types of gas filtration systems, particularly focusing on hot gas filtration. On this page we going to focus on the use of reagents in our processes.

What are reagents?

Reagents are substances used to create a particular chemical reaction. These compounds are introduced into our systems to abate acid gases and adsorb dioxins. Filter Designs propote the use of the following reagents: sodium bicarbonate instead of lime where possible, activated carbon (PAC), and urea either in solution form or as a dry prill.

How are reagents used?

The specific amount of reagents used are considered within the design stage of our flue gas treatment plants. We supply reagents for various applications, including those for HCl and SO2 neutralisation (DeSOx); for the capture of dioxins, furans, and heavy metals; for DeNOx (SNCR). In order for us to offer a suitable dosing system, it is necessary to calculate the amount of consumed reagents within the plant model as a whole. Filter Designs have a variety of plant to suit typical dosing levels. We have designed in house a 'rip and tip' station which accepts 20kg bags, a bulk bag hopper which uses 1 tonne bags and a variety of welded or bolted silos with either single or bifurcated outlets. The efficiency of a reagent depends on proper specification and application during plant design for optimal dispersion and temperatures.

What about the costs?

Whilst designing these systems many years ago, we developed a 'reagent waste calculator' which makes it easy for us to evaluate the CAPEX/OPEX spending. Current market rates for reagent supply in all forms are available, and we are able to offer advice depending on your plant’s requirements. We supply reagents directly to you at competitive and affordable rates. By calculating the NOx, SOx, HCI and gas volume and temperature as inputs, we are able to provide the estimated running costs in just a few minutes. We can even add value by keeping the system maintained, through monitoring the reagent use regularly to ensure the system remains efficient.

What else should I know?

Within the industry, as new technologies develop, it’s possible for us to provide you with further advice as and when the technology is relevant and available. Additionally, we offer services for the appropriate disposal of Air Pollution Control Residue (APCR). This residue from the bag filter can be removed with a pneumatic conveying line, bulk bag, conditioned for skips, or for alternative disposal options. Filter Designs have installed most systems from wet de-dusters to skips to 150m long transport lines.

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