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15 Years On

Simon Callis

Back in February 2008 Filter Designs had a contract to supply two identical filter systems for a client in Lancing, Sussex.  It was a challenging project dealing with a client who believed they knew best. 

They went bust shortly afterwards.

Thankfully they were not the end user and we have maintained a relationship with the end user since.  This year we have an order to extend the filter body on line B.  This presents its own challenges but will feature in a case study soon. 

Roger Callis

I was reminded of two life changing events whilst on site this October 2023. 

The first is the birth of our daughter, born very prematurely in 2008 at the same time as this project was underway.  She has grown up to be a beautiful and exceptionally smart girl.

The second is that image of my late father Roger, pictured here standing in the same filter 15 years ago.  Working together for 15 years we had some great times and I miss him, even the terrible jokes.  He would be pleased to see us back at this project helping our client achieve new goals. 

We mark the two-year anniversary of his passing later this month, rest in peace Dad. 

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We were contracted to provide 2 small Ceramic filters suitable for a small volume but with a design maximum temperature of 600°C. In addition the filters will be handling a syngas which cannot be mixed with oxygen so an alternative to compressed air would need to be used for the ‘Cleanpulse’ cleaning of the 25 Ceramic element in each of these CPC78 filters. In addition dosing of small amounts of a re-agent is required so the client also opted for a ‘Cleandose’ 25kg bag skid. Find out more about Project CAD below.

Project SRCL HH - GSA (Gas Suspension Absorber) Reactor Tower

Project BCI - Bag Filter, Gas Suspension Absorber, Reagent Dosing for a Challenging Carbon Process

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